A Creative Startup Company, based in Bengaluru, India, providing the Industry standard creative services and original solutions in creating, making and handling the professional Visual Media, Video, Film, Audio/Sound and Virtual Reality Content Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production project works.

Our Company, HABILEPIC (OPC) PRIVATE LIMITED is recognized as a ‘Startup’ by the Government of India, (Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion) under the ‘Startup India’ initiative, and also by the Government of Karnataka, under the ‘Startup Karnataka’ initiative. 

Think. Create. Deliver.

The creative work before the actual work. 

Pre – Production is vital for the better outcome of the Production. We make sure that, this very first step of each and every Video/Film/VR Project is handled with utmost importance and creative abilities. 

We use Adobe Story, Final draft, Celtx, and various Storyboard and Location Scouting Apps and Softwares Apple’s iWork, MS Office and other professional office softwares and tools in this creative process.

Production stage is the most inspiring and entertaining environment, both at the indoors / studios and the outdoor locations, to turn the ideas, words, stories, scripts, concepts and storyboards into the moving pictures at different frame rates, resolutions, aspect ratios, formats, including the Virtual Reality content, by using a variety of World class production tools, gears and equipment. 

The real practical, creative work in a set/stage and in an outdoor environment, begins here. 

We use the high-quality Film/Video and VR Cameras from Panasonic, Canon, SONY, ARRI, RED, Go Pro, DJI, INSTA 360, etc, and Audio/Sound equipment from Sennheiser, RODE, JBL, etc,  depending on the Clients’ and Customers’ specific requirements.

Post – Production takes place in a fully equipped, modern indoor studio environment, where the video and audio creative magic happens in a scheduled manner.

It is a vital process, where the future visual outcome would be created. 

To create the best quality visual output, we use the industry standard, pro level editing softwares, like Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Motion, Logic Pro, Adobe’s Premier Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Da Vinci Resolve and Fusion,  Pro Tools,  SCRATCH VR, etc. 

We also use the VFX software and plugins from Autodesk, Red Giant, Boris FX, Storyblocks, and licensed music soundtracks to create the best output and satisfy the Clients’ and Customers’ needs, expectations and complete the projects successfully. 


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